New Wines of Hungary is a Florida-based importer specializing in Hungarian wines. Balazs Humayer, the Hungarian founder and president of the company, started exporting an indigenous white wine, the Hungarian Dry Furmint, to the United States starting in 2014. Mr. Humayer had realized the enormous potential of Dry Furmint and launched his company to popularize this varietal wine with American wine enthusiasts.

Balazs Humayer, President of New Wines of Hungary:

“Consulting with American wine professionals helped me realize that uniqueness, a reasonable price, and the high quality-to-value coefficient of Hungarian wines could result in a significant competitive advantage in the saturated yet open-minded US market. A supporting marketing project and our strategic partner, FurmintUSA, continuously assist in education on and promotion of Furmint wines. (Learn more at www.furmintusa.com).

New Wines of Hungary relies on two criteria in seeking out the right brands. Each winery partner must have outstanding quality-per-ratio and distinctive characteristics to its wines. The main features of differentiation are typically unique terroir, clean and progressive winemaking practices, interesting food and wine pairings, and an innovative approach to marketing.

Our partners are located in well-known wine regions of Hungary: Tokaj, Somló, Csopak, and Badacsony. Due to New Wines of Hungary’s local roots and frequent site visits, the company is always abreast of significant local issues, news, and production forecasts. Our goal is to constantly spellbind US wine consumers with specialties from Hungary, the home of the world’s first closed wine region on record: Tokaj, 1773.

We strongly believe that Hungarian wine – and Furmint in particular – is on track to becoming the key ingredient in US gastronomy. We look forward to providing sommeliers, waiters, and retailers with a wine card up their sleeves to help satisfy the most demanding needs of their customers.”



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